Time Program
1400 - 1530 Internal meeting IPMA EXBO and IPMA Slovakia
1600 - 1800 Internal meeting: SENET Management Board meeting
1900 - 2200 Coctail for VIP guests
Time Program
830 - 900 Registration
900 - 0910 Official opening of the conference
910 - 0930 IPMA Slovakia impact on project execution:
President of IPMA Slovakia: Peter Sochna
0930 - 1000 Keynote by the President of IPMA:
Jesús Martínez Almela
1000 - 1030 Director for HI-SEAS missions at International MoonBase Alliance:
Michaela Musilova
1030 - 1100 Coffee break
1100 - 1120 The human side of Agile:
IPMA Vice president Joop Schefferlie
1120 - 1140 Keynote
1140 - 1200 Keynote
1210 - 1230 Work 4.0 The place of the human within Industry 4.0:
Senior Project Manager and trainer Karol Horváth, FBE Bratislava
1220 - 1230 Lunch
1330 - 1500 Roundtables and Focus groups
1500 - 1530 Coffee break
1530 - 1615 MS project as a tool for Teams of Tomorrow
1615 - 1635 Keynote
1635 - 1700 Keynote
1700 - 1715 Closure of the first day
1715 - 1900 Free time
1900 - 2200 Conference dinner for all participants of the conference with 2 days ticket
Time Program
830 - 900 Registration (ROOM 1)
900 - 930 What shall I consider when hiring a Project Manager
930 - 1000 How can organizations impact their projects?
1000 - 1030 Discussion panel: Training or learning and Consulting or Coaching
1030 - 1100 Coffee break
1100 - 1130 Use case: Developing PM competencies in Kids and youngsters
1130 - 1150 Use case: Learning by doing:
How can young project managers support municipalities
1150 - 1210 Use case: Big construction projects leads us to plan properly
1210 - 1230 Implementation of Project Management into the resistive environment
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1415 Panel Discussion
1415 - 1500 Round table
1500 - 1530 Official closure of the conference
830 - 900 Registration (ROOM 2)
900 - 1230 The Global Alliance for the Project Professions - Leadership Forum
1230 - 1330 Lunch
1330 - 1500 The Global Alliance for the Project Professions - Leadership Forum
1500 - 1530 Coffee break
1530 - 1700 The Global Alliance for the Project Professions - Leadership Forum
1700 Closure of the day

6th SENET Project Management Conference Topics

There are several main topics covered by the 6th SENET Project Management Conference:

  • Competences for individuals within the teams of tomorrow
  • The human side of project management
  • Digitalization and impact on the team cooperation in the project environment
  • From Artificial intelligence to Emotional intelligence, which of them is a game-changer?
  • Work 4.0: What is the role of the human within an Industry 4.0 environment
  • Prove your competencies with new PM Certification by IPMA.
  • Products and Services for PM Profession Support
  • PM in Practice

Conference Goals

  • Endorse the development of the project management profession in the region.
  • Strengthen the cooperation among SENET countries in project competencies enhancement
  • Learn about the recent trends in project management and skills for future development
  • Provide a closer connection between HR and PM competence model
  • Share experiences and practices suitable and proven in project management
  • Present new ideas, concepts, methods and tools gathered through research or practice
  • Provide stronger visibility of the project management profession in the region

Who should attend

  • Human Resources managers, recruiters, HR business partners
  • Consultants, interested in future work requirements and people competencies requirements connected to it.
  • Program, Portfolio and Project Managers
  • Members of SENET Project Management Associations
  • Academics and Practitioners dealing with PM topics.
  • Representatives of local and state authorities, searching for PM competences
  • Representatives of business and finance, developers, looking for PM competences
  • Representatives of companies developing products and services to support the PM profession and interested to be internationally recognized.
  • Individuals interested in projects in the region of Central and Southeast Europe

Benefits for Participants

  • Cross-regional informing and networking with multinational impact
  • Will acquire insights for self-development and development of team members.
  • Will acquire insights for creation of a competency model within an organization.
  • Knowledge on the current and future trends in the PM profession development
  • Selection between two streams; presentations or workshops, focused on hot PM topics
  • Learning about the IPMA products and services that support competencies recognition and development
  • Collection of information or participation in workshops related to IPMA 4LC certification, Agile leadership, Training, and Education registration.
  • Planning joint projects and activities

Important Dates for submitting Papers or Workshop Proposals

The Conference is composed of two main streams. The first stream is reserved for presentations, workshops, and roundtables with field experts and presentations of papers submitted by academics and practitioners. Academics should submit papers, which will be reviewed, while practitioners choose between papers and presentations or presentation only. The date and requirements for submitting paper will be published on event website.

Information about the Conference Venue and Date

6th SENET Conference – X-Bionic Sphere, Samorin, Slovakia, May 17th – 19th, 2020.
The opening will be on Sunday, May 17th at 6:00 PM at Farrier’s Steak House (only for invited IPMA VIP guests)
Official conference opening is on Monday 18th of May at 9:00
For additional information about the venue X-bionics, please visit

Local Organizer

The local organizer for the 6th SENET Conference is the Slovak Project Management Association (IPMA Slovakia), Bratislava, Slovakia,

Registration & Conference Fee

Registration is required for all participants. You can register as a guest of IPMA Slovakia, PRESS, or you can use the special offer of early bird tickets until the 31st of December 2019.

After the 1st of January, there will be a reduced price for members of SENET of 30% (members of the IPMA National Association and Young Crew members.

The conference fee includes Program and Social Part (Welcome and Conference dinner, Coffee Breaks, E-proceedings).