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State Of Art. Dalam istilah yang pernah disinggung oleh thomas kuhn bahwa ilmu pengetahuan itu bersifat revolusioner dari satu pradigma ke paradigma baru. Define the area of the field covered.

Sedona Eye » Infographic State of the Arts in America
Sedona Eye » Infographic State of the Arts in America from

Very modern and using the most recent ideas and methods: Pada bidang periklanan, frasa dari maksud state of the art ini sering disampaikan pada produk yang dibuat dengan teknologi terbaru dan terbaik pada masanya. The common expression is “state of the art”;

The Level Of Knowledge And Development Achieved In A Technique, Science, Etc, Esp At Present.

In 2022 we seek to think together in the face of new challenges: In 2019 sota published a first almanac. Also state of the art warehouse models may differ according to domain, eg in healthcare, a 'data bus' architecture might be more useful than an enterprise dw, but might not be in common use and.

Austerity, Climate Change, Pandemics, War, And.

The level of knowledge and development achieved in a technique, science, etc, esp at present. I'd start with a state of the art of cars in general, maybe grouped by purpose, and by type of fuel. Using the most modern or advanced techniques or methods;

Authors Should Explain Their Expertise And The Depth And Breadth Of Coverage In The Article They Hope To Write.

The importance of being the first to demonstrate research results is a cornerstone of the research business. State towards the start state simultaneously; The security system we’re using is state of the.

Then I'd Give The State Of The Art For Electric Engines, Including Other Means Of Transportation, E.g.

This patent was issued fairly recently, april 16, 2013. Nah, state of the art ini adalah fokusnya pada apa yang paling terbaru dari sebuah teori yang ada. Adj ( prenominal) the most recent and therefore considered the best;

State Of The Art Analysis Before Starting To Invest Time, Money And Resources Into The Development Of A New Product Or Service You Need To Know What The Rest Of The World Is Doing In This Area.

The common expression is “state of the art”; As good as it can be at the present time: Define the area of the field covered.

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